The Inspiration #1: The Lady Is A Punk

It still feels like summer here in San Francisco. 

The days are warm & sunny which I love, but since I grew up on the east coast in New York City, by the time it’s September or October, I’m always feeling in the mood for true fall & all the cool clothes that go with it.

I’m loving the “Posh Punk” look that’s currently in all the stores and magazines. I’ve always loved a little contrast and a look that combines vintage-modern romance with a bit of a rock ‘n roll edge.

So, it’s kind of perfect that my first style inspiration post for Rock Paper Sequins is a look that I’ve been pretty much rocking since high school.

Look #1– Get inspired……“The Lady Is A Punk”

The Exhibit: “Punk-Chaos To Couture”


The Mood Board


                                                                       The Books

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