THE ICON #1-Debbie Harry: Goddess of Punk

Who was the original icon of Punk? I’m not sure there really was one, since the genre was pretty much male dominated….but as far as a lady-like Punk icon, for me it would have to be Debbie Harry, AKA Blondie. She just had the best look! And she was always so cool, & so glamorous….how Marilyn Monroe might have looked if she had run off & joined a punk band.

When I think about Debbie Harry, I think about the old New York, the crazy, fun, gritty New York that I grew up in. It’s the mixing of grit & glamour & raw rebelliousness that make her so striking even to this day.


Blondie started up in the early 70’s, during a time when Punk in New York was not yet developed and was not yet commercialized. The Punk look at that time was all about creating personal style from scratch and your own real self-expression.

Debbie wore thrift shop clothes in a unique way, creating an edgy punk look mixed with her feminine style. Her two-tone platinum & black hair, bright lipstick & black eyeliner have become a classic Rock n Roll look that still feels modern even today. She is the original goddess of Punk Rock.



                                                                              Debbie Harry: The Icon

                                                                                THE LADY IS A PUNK

The Inspiration #1: The Lady Is A Punk

It still feels like summer here in San Francisco. 

The days are warm & sunny which I love, but since I grew up on the east coast in New York City, by the time it’s September or October, I’m always feeling in the mood for true fall & all the cool clothes that go with it.

I’m loving the “Posh Punk” look that’s currently in all the stores and magazines. I’ve always loved a little contrast and a look that combines vintage-modern romance with a bit of a rock ‘n roll edge.

So, it’s kind of perfect that my first style inspiration post for Rock Paper Sequins is a look that I’ve been pretty much rocking since high school.

Look #1– Get inspired……“The Lady Is A Punk”

The Exhibit: “Punk-Chaos To Couture”


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