Happy New Year! The Best #Outfitposts of 2016

Happy New Year Babes! I hope you are all excited about 2017…..I know I’m excited for this new beginning and the chance to start over again….I don’t know if I really believe in New Year’s resolutions though….I feel like the beginning of the year is just a good time to asses everything you’ve accomplished and to plan ahead for the goals you want to achieve going forward.

One thing I’ve learned is that setting goals is fun, but actually working towards your goals takes determination & commitment. You really have to decide what you want to do & then just go ahead and really do it. Do the work. Take the daily steps that you need to do to move towards your goal. And believe in yourself! Because at the end of the day it really is about the daily journey and not the end result. It’s really all about the person that you become while you are on that journey….

“Life is the moment we’re living right now” The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Here are some of my favorite 2016 Outfit Post Images from the Blog & Instagram:

It’s been so fun to work on the blog & I’m excited to share more content in 2017 & to continue to evolve with more trend & style inspiration, curated looks & outfit posts for Rock Paper Sequins.

Happy New Year!













XO, Zoe

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