The Icon #4 Florence Welch- Boho Rock Summer Nights

One of my current new favorite style icons is Florence Welch from Florence & the Machine. Not only is she striking & unusual, but she seems to be a true free spirit and a modern day goddess, playing by her own rules in both her music and personal style. She is not only beautiful, but also incredibly talented & inspiring. Her voice is pure & unaltered emotion. Her look is a mix of different style elements & has a sort of dreamy & flowing Boho vibe that’s offset by some hard edged pieces.

Follow her style for a bohemian rocker look for your summer nights out….happy summer!

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THE ICON #2- Lisa Bonet- The Modern Bohemian

One of my favorite style icons from the 80’s and 90’s was Lisa Bonet who played Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. A true free spirit, she seemed to wear whatever she felt like & to do whatever she wanted. She was not only beautiful, but also a talented actress and to this day she has a look that can not really be defined in terms of race, age or any other categories. She is a true bohemian who seems to live a sort of gypsy life, dropping in and out of the Hollywood scene at her own will & time.

Her past style both on and off The Cosby Show was original & a true inspiration…..and her present “Earth Mama” look still represents the ultimate “Modern Bohemian”: my Icon #2- Lisa Bonet.


Lenny Kravitz with wife Lisa Bonet and daughter Zoe at a press conference in Lincoln Center, NYC 1989


Lisa+Bonet-image-4                                                                          Lisa Bonet: THE ICON

                                                                             Bohemian Modern

THE ICON #1-Debbie Harry: Goddess of Punk

Who was the original icon of Punk? I’m not sure there really was one, since the genre was pretty much male dominated….but as far as a lady-like Punk icon, for me it would have to be Debbie Harry, AKA Blondie. She just had the best look! And she was always so cool, & so glamorous….how Marilyn Monroe might have looked if she had run off & joined a punk band.

When I think about Debbie Harry, I think about the old New York, the crazy, fun, gritty New York that I grew up in. It’s the mixing of grit & glamour & raw rebelliousness that make her so striking even to this day.


Blondie started up in the early 70’s, during a time when Punk in New York was not yet developed and was not yet commercialized. The Punk look at that time was all about creating personal style from scratch and your own real self-expression.

Debbie wore thrift shop clothes in a unique way, creating an edgy punk look mixed with her feminine style. Her two-tone platinum & black hair, bright lipstick & black eyeliner have become a classic Rock n Roll look that still feels modern even today. She is the original goddess of Punk Rock.



                                                                              Debbie Harry: The Icon

                                                                                THE LADY IS A PUNK